Co-Creative Process Inquiry® Workshop for Individual or Group Coaching

  • 1,5 h sessions for individuals

  • 4 h sessions or whole day workshop for groups

Do you want to stop and be present to your situation in a new way?

What issue is your group ready to stop at and be present to? What calls, challenges and awakens your emotions?

In the workshop, we explore your important themes in the form of a question. The process suits well to topics like wellbeing at work, customer service, leadership development, service design or remaking of your work. We don’t solve the question, instead we are looking for new perspectives to renew your thought models and ways of acting.

Co-Creative Renewal for Work Communities

  • How to renew ways of working?

  • How to develop customer service with more presence?

  • How to build co-creative ways of working in the work community?

  • How can all participate in the renewal work?

  • How to develop shared leadership?

Whatever your question is, we can explore it and see what opens up. The process always starts from the participants and their questions. It is not a completed model to be implemented from the outside, instead it is co-created as its own process.

CCPI supports being present in everyday life situations, and our ordinary way of interacting with customers, colleagues and ourselves changes and produces more efficient and flexible practices.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Co-Creative Process Inquiry® Practitioner – The Basic Program for Becoming a Facilitator

  • Do you want to deepen to your coaching and development skills toward becoming a Co-Creative Process Practitioner?

  • Are you ready to move from a goal-oriented way of working to a more expansive way of opening consciousness and co-creation in the here and now?

  • Would you like to be part of a professional network of kindred spirits creating the future from the here and now?

  • Do you practice mindfulness in your life and see it as a part of your lifestyle and want to take the next step professionally?

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Community and deepening days for Co-Creative Process Inquiry® facilitators

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