The Cards of CoCreation
– An unique package with 48 cards and a small booklet

Would you like to co-create more conscious action by yourself or with others? The Cards of CoCreation opens many possibilities to create new ways of being and acting. It inspires you to become conscious cocreators and become more aware of your inner feelings, sensations and happenings. It supports creating new communities of future and makes it inviting to find new practices together. You can create many new ways to use it as a future making tool-kit. In this package you find 48 multicoloured high-quality cards, a small booklet and a unique signature art-package. In art photos you see and feel the power of Sari Komulainen and Terhi Takanen art works. This is a special edition, made with conscious love. Inspired by Co-Creative Process Inquiry®.

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The Power of Being Present at Work

Terhi Takanen 2013

If you feel like going deeper into the CCPI approach by reading, the book ‘The Power of Being Present at Work – Co-Creative Process Inquiry as Development Approach’ could be helpful. This academic PhD thesis speaks to professionals in the area of development work and academics. During a 6 year Action Research Project in one department of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, called the Office for the Government as Employer, the Co-Creative Process Inquiry  has taken the form of a systematic developmental approach.

Read the dissertation

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The Power of Encountering
A Story of Co-Creative Process Inquiry
(Takanen & Petrow 2013)

How to stop and see our taken-for-granted ways of organizing? How to practice being present at work? How to become conscious co-creators in the middle of everyday work? How to renew not only the ways of acting – but actually our ways of relating and ourselves?

This story can encourage us to search for new ways of encountering change. The entire work community can carry out renewal work together from within the organization. Co-Creative Process Inquiry – as the way of being present at work – invites more mindful participation in the process of co-creating new ways of relating with ourselves and others at this moment

To be able to work in a field full of continuous changes, we need to find new ways of relating: new ways of knowing and working. Changes cannot be controlled, but we can line with them and find new possibilities to make a difference. This approach centers on the on-going moment and everyday challenges. It approaches participants as relational beings who act, experience and feel. There is not only ´rational´ knowing but space for experiential, emotional and intuitive knowing as well.

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Co-Creative Process Inquiry and Regenerative Development Videos

All videos are short course videos in Aalto University Creative Sustainability-master program.

Video 1. Introduction to CCPI

This is a short introduction to Co-Creative Process Inquiry as a Developmental Approach.

The developer of CCPI, Terhi Takanen is presenting how cycle of CCP works through becoming aware, letting go, attuning and practicing.

Video 2. CCPI compass and meditation

In this video, the developer of CCPI, Terhi Takanen shares how a compass works as a relational “organ” to orient ourselves.

There is a short meditation to open to new orientation. This can also be used in team work.

Video 3. Regenerative development and CCPI

In this video, the developer of CCPI, Terhi Takanen gives some ideas what could make your experiment regenerative and co-creative.

Video 4. How to combine regenerative design and CoCreative Process Inquiry fruitfully?

In this video, Terhi Takanen gives ideas how to do your experiment through regenerative design principles.

Video 5. Some ideas how to make your Compass alive in teamwork?

In this video, Terhi Takanen shares a few idea how the compass can be used in teamwork.

Here you see how to attune with compass qualities, and how compass qualities can used

as self-evaluative tool in the group.