Co-Creative Process Inquiry®

is a practical and touching way for cultural and social renewal. The process starts with finding meaningful questions of the participants stemming from their work environments. The core idea is that all our thoughts, feelings and ways of acting create our reality. We are all co-creators. What do we want to co-create through our ways of connecting to other people and events?

This methodology has been developed in Finland for 10 years now, as a result of renewal processes in different organizations, together with the people involved. It has been used in many ways: individual and group coaching, cultural renewal processes in work places, service design processes during hundreds of workshops and projects.

Today, there are many practitioners – facilitators of CCPI and CCPI-coaches – who co-develop the methodology in creative ways. The approach started through Terhi Takanen’s (Master of Education) work in analyzing practical challenges faced in the daily work in organizations. CCPI as a developmental approach is scientifically researched and developed in a long-term action research process. This new ethically oriented and sustainable way of renewal was crystallized when the participants renewed both their ways of acting and themselves. Read the doctoral dissertation The Power of Being Present at Work by Terhi Takanen (2013)Read the dissertation 

The HR-department at Finnish Ministry of Finance received the Aalto University EE Innovation prize (2013) for their renewal work with Co-Creative Process Inquiry. In their cultural renewal process, both client and personnel satisfaction grew throughout the project, although at the same time there were 30% personnel reductions due to retirements.

Often during change processes we look for answers to questions and challenges, we create a vision or solution and then take the steps towards it.

In the co-creative way of working, we don’t do that. Instead we stop to be present to the questions. We suspend looking for the typical answers and we give space to new perspectives to be found through four phases: becoming aware, letting go, attuning and practicing.

In this way, a new relationship is created to the challenge at hand, and to the working environment, as well as to yourself as a part of it.